Double Degree Master of Science in Rural Development & Agricultural Economics
 Specialty Disciplines per Institute

Specialty disciplines per partner University

Ghent University, Belgium 

Agricultural economics and policy; 

Food economics for developing countries 

Agrocampus Rennes, France 

Specialised Methodology for Rural Development; 

Production Systems and Sustainable Development; 

Sustainability and multifunctionality of agriculture; 

Organic farming; 

Participative management of rural areas 

University of Cordoba, Spain

Territorial rural development; 

Processes and technologies for sustainable rural development; 

Integrated and territorial approach to traditional agriculture 

Humboldt University Berlin, Germany 

Rural Governance of Natural Resources;  

Institutional Analysis of Rural Change; 

International agrarian and political issues;  

Ecological problems and environmental policies;  

Institutional change and agricultural development

Nitra University, Slovakia

Public Administration and Regional Development

Pisa University, Italy


Communication and Sustainable Rural Development; 

Change processes in rural areas 

University of Arkansas 

Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness in management, finance, price analysis and risk management, agricultural policy, environmental resource economics, entrepreneurship, and public policy 

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