Double Degree Master of Science in Rural Development & Agricultural Economics
 Insurance and Living expenses


Students should make the necessary arrangements to subscribe to an international health insurance

We strongly recommend that any student takes out insurance against liability, accidents and theft

As a service to its students, Ghent University has signed a contract with an insurance company to offer a health, accidents and civil liability insurance packet at an interesting price (MARSCH  'Go safe - corporate business contract'), click here for the general conditions of the insurance). The insurance is valid worldwide, which means you are covered when you travel to the Master Course from your home country, when you attend conferences, research trips or cultural sessions abroad, and when you move to study at the different higher education institutions involved in your program. You are also covered during short trips back to your home country. The insurance also covers loss of luggage, however, it is not a comprehensive travel insurance. 

Normally, all students are required to take (additional) mutual health insurance in the host country, and one can register easily when arriving at the host institute of that semester. Please check the more detailed guidelines at the website for foreign students of the hosting institutes.

Total estimated cost for self-sponsoring students

The estimated total cost for students planning to study the programme with their own financial means could be estimated as follows:

  • Tuition fees: as mentioned
  • Minimum living expenses: 650 EUR per month on average
  • Insurance: ± 800 EUR for 24 months
  • traveling: all travel costs related to the mobility inside Europe and to the US are at the charge of the student.

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