Double Degree Master of Science in Rural Development & Agricultural Economics
 Master Thesis


Master Thesis


Master Thesis rules  (version May 2014)

Frontpage for the Master dissertation (Atlantis double degree program)

The Master thesis is written on one of the disciplines of rural development economics or policies. It represents 30 ECTS or credits. Students specialise in the specialised modules in one of the disciplines offered and show that they are able to individually analyse a rural development or related problem in a scientific correct way. External scholars and outstanding professionals working in the field of rural development and agricultural economics can assist in supervising the students or in providing specific assistance.

Within Atlantis it is encouraged that the Master Thesis is written with both a European AND US supervisor and that the topics are directed towards comparative studies and research topics between the EU and the US.

An overview of suggested thesis subjects for each of the European IMRD partner institutes can be found on the IMRD-website. The links to the updated research topics for 2011 are available for Ghent University, Humboldt University,  University of Pisa, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra and Agrocampus Ouest University in Rennes.

Overview of suggested thesis subjects in the US partner institutes (Arkansas and Florida University). for 2010. The link to the updated research areas for 2011 is available for Arkansas University and Florida University.



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