Double Degree Master of Science in Rural Development & Agricultural Economics
 Degree and Learning outcomes

Degree awarded


Double degree in Rural Development and Agricultural Economics

Composed of, at EU side
International MSc in Rural Development (existing joint degree awarded by Ghent university, Humboldt university of Berlin, Agrocampus Rennes, Pisa University and the Slovak University of Agriculture),
or the equivalent national degree

And, at US side
MSc in Agricultural Economics (University of Arkansas)

Learning outcomes and objectives

The program provides students with the following skills and learning outcomes

  1. Unique insight in agricultural economics and development theories,
  2. Comparative and profound knowledge within an international context of EU and US approaches on agricultural and rural development policies,
  3. Knowledge on the theoretical aspects of integrated vision of development: functioning of farming and environmental systems, scientific methodologies, social sciences and rural development tools,
  4. A plural-disciplinary education in rural development and agricultural economics that links agronomic, environmental and social sciences,
  5. Ability to analyse, evaluate and solve problems related to rural development and agricultural economics through using adequate instruments, methods and tools and
  6. Ability to dialogue (even in different languages) with different actors of the socio-professional world, using critical reflection skills and communication skills.

Our students and graduates enjoy the added value of:

  • a high mobility of students and scholars within the network, allowing students to access high level courses at all participating institutes. The international experience and exposure to different environments is an asset for their further professional career.
  • the international composition of the groups, allowing comparative learning about rural development, agricultural economic and policy models and different approaches and exposure to different teaching methods.
  • studying in different language and cultural environments, allowing students to acquire new scientific and practical knowledge and better language and cultural skills.

Our graduates will have a unique combination of theoretical knowledge in development theories, agricultural economics and policies and practical based comparative knowledge of the two distinct models of agricultural and rural policy in the US and EU. The qualification obtained will be an internationally recognized double degree awarded by the participating institutes.

Graduates will have a competitive advantage when working in international organizations who deal with issues of global development, food trade and production of bio-resources, international food policies and so on.

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